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The Three Sisters


I am EquiSpirit, I represent the Maiden~

I am a Married Mother of a beautiful boy, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a couple other smaller critters!   I am in the Veterinary field, and have done much rescue and rehab work.  I was raised on a Christian path and now have come to my true path, as a proud Pagan woman.   My Path combines several traditions.  I am Celtic at the core of things, but also am studying Correlian Tradition, I am a first degree initiate.  I use some Wiccan, some Native American methods as well.  I am learning everyday how to better serve my self, my family and friends and the Lady and Lord.  My Matron Goddess Is Epona, the horse goddess.   My totems are Horse, Blue Dragon, and Raven. 

Be strong and honest in your walk in this life, as wisdom comes to those who seek it.  Bright Blessing, EquiSpirit



I am Windspirit, I am the Crone~~
I live in beautiful central Oregon. I'm the married Mom of two kids, three horses, 4 dogs and 3 cats. Many of the animals I have now and have taken and placed in loving homes are rescue animals. I was raised in the Northern California Redwoods and you can say that I was a free spirit as a child, connecting with Gaia (Mother Earth) at a young age. I am Pagan, my spiritual beliefs are a blend of Wicca and Shamanism, both Native American and Celtic. I have finished my lessons for First Degree Priestess with the Correllian Tradition and have started the second degree lessons.
I have dedicated myself to the Lady, Lord and Spirit and to life on my Spiritual path.
Brightest Blessings, Windspirit

Windspirit & Dutch


The Three Sisters
By Windspirit

At First there was one
She stood alone
Looking, searching
For reasons unknown

Then came the Crone
Who joined with the Mother
Both of them knew
There would be another

Last came the Maiden
To join on this path
Three Sisters together
The magick was cast

Now there stand three
Like Faith, Joy, and Hope
The Three Sisters peaks
That stand over their homes