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Sacred Ground ~ Reiki Medicine Bags

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Windspirit's Rune Readings


Rune Stones~ History

To Pre~Christian eyes, the earth and all created things were alive. Twigs and stones served for Runecasting since, as natural objects, they were believed to embody the sacred. Rune Symbols were carved into pieces of hardwood, incised on metal or cut into leather that was stained with pigment to enhance the potency of a spell. The most common Runes were smooth flat pebbles with symbols or glyphs painted on one side. The practioners of Runes would shake their pouch and scatter the pebbles on the ground; those falling with glyphs upward were then interpreted.

Windspirits Rune Readings~~

I have been blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and as part of Sacred Ground I would like to share my gift with you. I connect the best with the use of Rune Stones. If you would like a  Rune Reading please email me at ...
Send me a few lines.. first name/birthday & what you would like me to give your reading on or a general reading. Please put Rune Reading in the subject line. Your reading is my gift to you! Thank you and many blessings!

Windspirit's Wanderings
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