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Sacred Ground ~ Reiki Medicine Bags

~~Sacred Ground~~

Within the forests, deserts, mountains, and great oceans, Mother Nature has given us many wonderful gifts. Gifts for healing, love and prosperity. Gifts for happiness, tranquility and peace. You only have to be open to the possibilities.
Herbs and stones, symbols and chants, used for thousands of years, by people long gone. This gift was lost by most civilized cultures.
Here at Sacred Ground I try to bring the lost gifts back to the people of all beliefs. Let me know if I can help open that door of ancient wisdom for you. 


I live in beautiful central Oregon. I'm the married Mom of 2 kids, 2 horses, 2 dogs and 1 cat. I was raised in the Northern California Redwoods and you can say that I was a free spirit as a child, connecting with Gaia (Mother Earth) at a young age. I am Pagan, my spiritual beliefs are a blend of Wicca and Shamanism, both Native American and Celtic. I am a Priestess in the Correllian Tradition and a Reiki Healer. I am here to learn, teach, heal and be healed by the love of humanity and those who watch over me. Many Blessings, Windspirit